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How to make money for your business using the Wix Branded App

If you're a business owner looking to make some extra income, you should seriously consider creating a fully Branded App on Wix. Wix is the world's leading website builder, with over 100 million users worldwide and since 2022 have been offering a new product, the Branded App. By using the Wix Branded App, you can monetize your business and connect with your customers like never before. In this article I'll provide you with an in-depth guide on how to make money for your business using the Wix branded app.

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Who is the Wix Branded App best suited for?

Personally I would only recommend it for businesses that have a large group of members or a community based website that has a lot of activity. By activity, I mean that users are utilising Wix native apps such as the forum, blog, member accounts, events, groups, member chat etc

It could also work well for a business that has a large customer base such as an online store who wants to offer an app for their clients

Currently the Wix Branded App can only display content from Wix native apps and you can add your own image or text content.

How can I make money for my business using the Wix Branded App?

1. Offer premium content to your existing members. These can be in the form of in-app purchases, subscriptions, or one-off payments. Premium content could be in the form of a blog category that you can schedule regularly. You could also monetize a forum category accessed by paying members only. Wix Video also offers a subscription based payment plan to offer to your members. By offering premium content, you can increase your revenue while giving your customers more value.

2. Connect with advertisers. You can do this by partnering with brands that align with your business and offer relevant products or services. By featuring ads in your app, you can earn revenue from sponsorships. Make sure to only work with reputable advertisers that won't harm your brand's reputation. 3. Create e-commerce opportunities. By integrating your online store into your app, you can offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. You can also use your app to showcase your products, run promotions, and offer exclusive discounts to your customers. 4. Connect with your customers on a more personal level. By offering video consultations, webinars, or online courses through your app, you can monetize your expertise and build a loyal customer base.

How can I start using the Branded App by Wix?

You must have an existing Wix website connected to a premium plan and then you can upgrade to the Wix Branded App. Prices vary depending on the level of plan purchased but currently as of April 2023 the monthly cost ranges from €89-€249. Wix have a very easy to follow step by step guide on how to setup and preview your app before submitting to Google and Apple. Developer accounts are also required for Google and Apple that each have their own fees for submission to the app stores. Once the step by step process is completed and you are happy with how your app looks, you can submit it via the Wix dashboard.

One of the benefits of the Wix Branded App is that they will handle all of the communication between Apple and Google during the submission review phase. I have personally been through this with a client and during the app review there were many emails from both Apple and Google regarding technical tweaks that were all handled by Wix. So as a business owner you do not have to worry about responding to such emails or even learning the technical process of creating an app. Wix makes the whole process hassle free.

Is the Branded App by Wix worth the additional cost?

Having launched the Wix Branded App with a client, I have seen first hand what it can do to help bring in more income for your business. As long as you have an existing Wix website design and customer/client base I would definitely suggest it for increasing your income.

The end result should pay for itself, increase profit, provide more value for your clients and give your business that extra wow factor.

By creating a unique, user-friendly app, offering premium content, connecting with advertisers, creating e-commerce opportunities, and offering virtual services, you can monetize your business and take it to the next level.

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