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Planning your Wix website

Building a Wix website

Building a website couldn't be easier with Wix but there is an element of planning and website research needed. Before you even think of the website design you should first ask yourself what you want to achieve with the website? Is it promoting your business online? Lead generation? Increasing donations for a non profit? Knowing your goals early on can really help define your site and point it in the right direction.

Think of the minimum amount of pages you would need to build your site and draw them out on a piece of paper showing which pages will be sub-pages, how you see them being linked together. This will help form the structure of your site, which can be altered as the site develops.

Look for inspiration online and even look at your competitors websites to see how you could improve things and promote yourself. Keep focused on your website goals and introduce a mock-up for the homepage and strategy for making the user complete an action when they visit your site. This could be requesting a call back, signing up with their email or making a purchase. This makes your site interactive with the user and helps them to navigate through your site, clicking further and reaching your goal.

Every webpage will need text and image content that should be unique and engaging to the user. This part is often thought of last but it is one of the most important parts of the build process. Not only does it help to engage with your customers but it really helps boost your SEO. Content is king to search engines and without it you are not likely to rank so well in Google.

These are just a few pointers for planning your new Wix website build as there are many factors to think of. If you would like to discuss your website with me then please complete this online form


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