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Ranking my first ever website

I have seen this question come up a lot recently and thought I should express my own opinion for someone who has used Wix for many years and worked on hundreds of websites for clients. When I say websites I mean exclusively Wix websites and very many have just been working on improving and boosting their SEO. This is the first website I built many years ago and back then as a newbie I was sceptical to how well it would rank in Google. Back then Wix had an older version of the editor and I did everything I could that was recommended to me by Wix. This involved reading any Wix support guidance I could find about SEO and thoroughly investing hours of time in keyword research, competitors and my target market.

I started a blog and continued over the first few months to update content adding text and images when I could. This also involved social media posting, linking my website to social media posts, writing some articles etc. I monitored my progress regularly and within 6 months I was on page one of Google (UK) for the search term "embroidery digitizing". That was my first experience using Wix and I was very happy to see that my research and hard work had paid off.

Wix website SEO

Now many years later I help other Wix users improve their SEO setup on both new and existing websites. One of the main issues that I see regularly is when someone has built a new Wix website and after it has been published live they do not see it anywhere on Google. Basically I would describe search engines as slow moving and nothing gets updated quickly!

There are several steps that can help to ensure your Wix website is indexed on search engines as quickly as possible once it has been published. Click here to view how to verify your site with Google search console. Click here to view how to submit a sitemap in Google search console. Please be advised that there is much more to improving your Wix website SEO than these 2 steps. If you require some assistance and would like a free review of your Wix website SEO then please contact me here.


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