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What makes a great Wix web designer?

Wix Website designer planning layout

To become a great Wix web designer takes time and there are always bumps in the long road to climbing to the top of the website design industry.

Just because you can build a website does not mean you are an expert (or even more importantly) good at getting it ranked highly. There are many so called website designers out there, you only have to do a Google search and it starts to be a minefield of choices.

There are lots of large companies that have a huge office filled with designers and this might be ok for you but be aware that the connection and rapport you have may be somewhat diluted and you may be dealing with more than one-person which can lead to a site that either takes longer than you expected or isn't what you want.

Website designers who are independent are generally easier to approach and get on with as they tend to make more time to discuss problems that may crop up in the design process and they also know your project inside out as they are starting the project from the very beginning to the end.


First of all, a great web designer will have good communication skills with the clients that they are doing the design for. You don’t want to be waiting days or even weeks for a design change that you asked for to be done and of course this goes both ways. You will find that after an initial consultation with the designer, you should be confident that using their services is right for you.


A great web designer will do their website research before any consultation and if you already have a website, they would have been through it to find out what the aims of your site are and the faults that could be hindering your rankings and ultimately website traffic. Is the current site fit for purpose? Does it have a confusing navigation structure? These are just a couple of things they will look into.

Website Design:

A good Wix website developer will go through the website design process with you and give you, their suggestions, design plan and approximate time scale. This may be a total redesign or just tweaking your present website. You don’t have to have an all singing and all dancing website to fulfill your needs to gain traffic. Sometimes simplicity is best depending on your industry and what you want to accomplish whether it's an e-commerce site or just an informational site.

Website Competitors:

Your website competitors are one of the first things that a great website designer will look into. What keywords they are ranking for and what can be done to rank better whether it's more on page unique content or updating your Google My Business account.

There is much more to finding a competent website designer but this article should give you an idea of some of the things to take into consideration when looking.

I will be going through website design in more detail in other blogs posted and if you would like to have a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at


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